Know the Benefits of Getting MP Government Jobs

freejobalertTo get a government job after I heard that one of my neighbors was fired from his job in private sector without reason became essentially important. It seemed like there was no security for job in the private sector. Thus, from the very early stage I was told to study hard and try for being capable of securing a good job, be it Delhi, Tamil Nadu or MP Government jobs or any other state. As a result, my neighbor’s story became a great motivation for me to work hard in order to get a stable life.

The major reasons I found out to switch to a government job were:

  1. Job security

The most important and evident reason was a secured job. Once I am a government servant, always will I be in the industry. I knew that more or less situation of the employees in government bodies remained the same and the positions intact unless there I came across a resignation stage.

  1. Pay structure

I read through the laws and rules related to the government sector and happened to know that after the introduction of the 6th pay commission, the salary of a government employee was far more than I could get in a corporate sector. Also, for a fact, there was no delay system in this sector for giving salary as it could be government to be held responsible for any such event.

  1. Working hours

The working hours to be input were simply nothing compared to any corporate job. I once heard that an individual cracking a good position in the Assam govt jobs worked for almost half the hours compared to any other working person. Also, it was a fact to know that if these officials worked for more hours they were paid for the work unlike the private sector.

  1. Promotions

The promotional benefits gained in government jobs could highly match the benefits of any other sector. It was simply based on the service period, i. e. the longer I worked, higher were the chances of opportunities to get promotions. This was an important factor for me to take in account a firm decision for government job.

  1. Benefits and perks

While most of the large companies didn’t provide any other benefits apart from the mandatory ones, a government job served me with wide variety of benefits such as retirement, pension plans and funds, medical, housing, loans, children’s education and care and many more. These perks ensured longevity to my career.

  1. Work stress

It is very obvious that government sector jobs are the least stressful compared to the private sector ones. The work load being in TNPSC has more than enough time frames to get it done and thus I can be at ease and gradually do my work. I knew it that the expectations from a government employee are not high.

  1. More holidays

A 5-day work with more number of holidays in a year is something everyone would desire for. Moreover, being a government servant I had wider chances of getting paid holidays too. Thus, it was like a jackpot to crack a good government in India and reap its advantages.

Dhiraj shaila is author of this article on MP Government jobs.Find more information about Assam govt jobs.